Bringing together the hit global phenomenon, with the niche battle royale genre: Chess +: Battlegrounds, amazes and entertains with advanced tactical gameplay, up to 40 player support and deep chess lore.

Select your next move while the time counts down and try to outwit your foes! The last Chessian standing wins!


  • WASD to turn and move, E to Attack, Q to Block
  • Take one action per turn! Players move simultaneously
  • After Attacking or Blocking, you will be Exhausted for 1 turn, unable to take any action
  • If you get hit you will be Stunned for one turn
  • If you Attack and get Blocked, you will be Stunned for TWO turns
  • When stunned, you can only turn, not take any other actions
  • Try to get close to your opponent, anticipate their moves, block them and then counterattack!

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Authorswilnyl, Tuscany

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